Beyond proven capability and experience, an AHRI Professional Member also brings additional benefits to your business including: Currency of knowledge and Professional support for your organisation.

I have capabilities in enhancing people, strategy, and culture leading you to greater efficiency, retention management, motivation, commitment, and increased returns to the company.

I can assist you with:

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures are essential in every business to:

  • Help your business manage staff more effectively by defining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace

  • Provide guidelines and common understanding of performance & goals

  • Set rules and guidelines for decision-making in routine situations

  • Allow you to demonstrate good faith that employees will be treated fairly and equally.

  • Set an accepted method of dealing with complaints and misunderstandings in the workplace.

  • Communicate information to new employees

  • Assist in protecting you from breaches of employment legislation, diversity, such as equal opportunity laws and discrimination


Recruitment & Retention provides you with:

  • Assistance in planning and advertising establishing a criteria to meet the role

  • Interviewing and selection through equality and without discrimination locating the right candidate to fit the role

  • Negotiating salary/wages

  • Providing letter of offer (terms of employment)

  • Disciplinary action through letters of warning

  • Counselling options relating to disciplinary actions

  • Exit Interviews for future role and organisation improvement



 Inductions obligations and advantages: 

  • Welcome and support new employees

  • Reduce stress and anxiety associated with new workplace and surroundings

  • Improve overall morale & productivity with confidence

  • Provide invaluable information relating to the organisation

  • Clear directions on equipment required in their role

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions improve an organisation's ability to manage people and roles in the following ways:

  • Provides clear description of role & job performance for employee

  • Define clear expectations of all tasks and responsibilities, providing employee ownership

  • Defines clear relationships between departments, teams, individuals and other entities

  • Identifies training and development areas for performance reviews, appraisals and/or counselling

  • Enables formulation of skill set and behaviour set requirements per role

  • Provides a reference tool in issues of employee/employer dispute & disciplinary issues

  • Enables organisation to structure and manage roles in a consistent manner, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment, training and development, organisational structure, work flow & activities, customer service, etc

  • Used in the recruitment process to assist you and the applicants to understand the role and what is required, ensuring that the selected person can properly commit to the job

  • Aligns organisations goals with roles and people

Training Plans/Skills Need Analysis

Training Plan/Skills Needs Analysis advantages includes:

  • Improved employee performance

  • Consistency and confidence in task delivery

  • Increased staff morale

  • Promotes multi skilling

  • Planning for promotion and/or growth 

Award Interpretation

Award Interpretation, know your legal obligation including: 

  • Which award is relevant to your industry

  • Providing your employees with their correct entitlements

  • Staying update to with changes affecting wages, obligations and entitlements

  • Understanding employment type, minimum hours, overtime, allowances, superannuation, leave, redundancy, termination and procedures for consultation and dispute resolution


Workcover, knowing and understanding options and legal obligation: 

  • Calculating Premiums

  • Your rights and responsibilities

  • Injury/Incident prevention – making your workplace safer

  • Injury management – return to work

  • Health and Safety procedures and policies

  • Health and Safety signage

When you hire an AHRI Professional Member, you are selecting a candidate whose skills and experience have been assessed against the AHRI professional recognition framework. The framework has been developed in consultation with industry practitioners and includes a broad range of specialist and business capabilities such as strategic thinking, business acumen, stakeholder management, workforce planning and change management.